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White fish with creamy chanterelle sauce & bacon


White fish





Crème fraîche




If you are so lucky as to catch a fish on your adventure, make sure you have these ingredients with you and you can cook this up on any storm kitchen or campfire.

If you decide to fry your fish, make sure you brown the butter first before starting to fry the fish. Fry the bacon crispy first, then the fish. Make sure you remove the skin before frying. Place the fish and crispy bacon on your plate and then make the sauce.

On a campfire, you can make all the food at once if you have a grill. Keep the fish on the skin if you are using a grill. Add a little salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon, and grill the skinless side first. This will keep the fish from falling apart. After the fish has become a little golden brown, turn over and grill the skin side. It doesn't matter if you burn the skin as you will not eat it.


Dice the shallots and garlic into very small pieces. Melt butter in a pan and glaze shallots. Add garlic just at the end and don't fry too long before adding the crème fraîche. It will release its aroma while you heat up the crème fraîche. Add a squeeze of lemon, salt & pepper to taste.

Serve with grilled corn on the cob (or potatoes)

Mise en place for your adventure:

If fishing, bring a very sharp fileting knife and biodigradable soap to wash your hands after. Otherwise, there is not much you need to do for this adventure.

Outdoor cooking equipment:


Frying pan


Fileting knife


Chopping board

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