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Lemon garlic butter for grilled fish


150 g butter per fish

2 garlic cloves

1 Lemon

Chile flakes

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

Before you head out and start fishing, make this lemon garlic butter at least a day before your adventure. This way the ingredients will fuse together and really come out when you add to the fish you are grilling. Don't use it all, as you want a little to pour over the fish on the plate.

Before starting make sure you have all the ingredients ready at hand, pre measured. The garlic just needs to be peeled and the base cut away. Cut the garlic in half and if there any green shoots, remove those.

Wash the lemon, and grate the zest off. Squeeze half the lemon.

Add the butter, lemon and lemon zest to the pot and melt at low heat. Press the garlic in the pot and add the rest of the ingredients (chile flakes, salt and pepper). As the butter melts, mix well. Turn to lowest heat setting and leave for 10 min. Make sure it does not boil. Pour into a container and place in fridge.

After you have caught and fileted the fish, heat up the lemon garlic butter and use half to coat the fish. Soak 2 wooden sticks (per filet) in water (or use metal ones) and insert inside the filet lenghtwise on each side. This way the fish will not fall apart over the grill, and will be easy to turn over.

Grill the fish around 5 min on each side (more if they are thicker) and plate. Pour the remaining butter over the grilled fish as you serve.


  • Wooden or metal grill sticks

  • Grill

  • Container for butter

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