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Norwegian Salmon Poke

Making a poke bowl is like making a salad. It is so easy, and requires such minimal preparation that I usually make it just before I head out on a microadventure. Not only does it taste great, but is super healthy.


400g Fresh sushi grade salmon

1 avocado

Cooked white rice (Salt for the boiling water)

8tbs sliced spring onions

5 tbs cup soy sauce

2 tbs sesame oil

½ tsp ground ginger

Sesame seeds

  • Start by boiling the rice, and while that is cooking you can start on the rest. (Remember to add salt to the boiling water)

  • Dice the salmon and avocado and place in a container with the sliced spring onions.

  • Peel the ginger and use the smallest grate on your cheese grate. Make sure that you grate with the fibers of the root horizontal to the plane of the grate. Grating will be easier and the fibers will stay on the outside of the grate.

  • Add the ginger and the rest of the ingredients. (Apart from the sesame seeds, this you will add later so they don't become soggy)

  • You can either mix nicely with a spoon, or shake the box to mix well. The latter method doesn't look very nice, but you might not care if you are going to eat it by yourself.

  • You can also add mango for som acidity.

  • After mixing, place the rice over, but don't mix it yet. This you will do just before you are about to eat.

  • Bring some sesame seeds with you on your microadventure and add over the rice just before you eat, mix well and enjoy.

(I have used boil in the bag rice for simplicity as this is the fastest and easiest way to boil rice. For better quality rice, use normal sushi rice)

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