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Sea Urchin Pasta


Sea Urchin (around 2-3 per person depending on size)

Half a garlic

Chardonnay wine (or any white wine will do)

Olive oil

Crème fraîche (3 dl)

Linguini pasta (either fresh or dried)

Truffle seaweed salt (Optional, but gives it an amazing taste!)

Cooking equipment:

Frying pan

Pot (for boiling pasta)

Tea spoon and knife (for sea urchins)

To open a sea urchin, you must have a glove / cloth and a stiff sharp scissors. Lay the bowl with the "mouth" down towards the felt. Punch a hole in the bowl quite high up. Cut off the top and pour out the liquid. Scoop out the orange or yellow colored parts with a small teaspoon. This is the tasty part, and why don't you try a parcel raw. It is a delicacy! Remove them gently as you don't want anything else from them. Place them to the side, as they do not need much or any cooking at all.

Boil your pasta, and while this is boiling, start making the creamy sauce.

Heat up a little oil in your pan, add your garlic until you can smell it. Add your crème fraîche before the garlic browns, and a splash of white wine. When you have thickened the sauce to your desired consistancy, add the sea urchin (but save a little for garnish). Mix until the sea urchin breaks up a little, and add your boiled pasta when it has finished.

Serve with two peices of sea urchin on the top, and sprinkle with a little truffle seaweed salt.


I will make a video of this recipe a litte later this year when the weather has stabilised a little and I can head down the coast to harvest some sea urchin.

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