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Osso Bucco


1 large beef shank

1 ts salt

1 ts pepper

300g of butter (You can use oil as well, sometimes a mix of oil and butter is good, but browning the butter will add great flavour to a meat stew)

4 pcs. carrot

4 pcs. celery

3 pcs. spring onions (can be substituted with onion)

3 cloves of garlic

2.5 dl white wine

5 dl beef broth (Either stock cube with water or concentrated beef broth)

2 cans canned tomatoes

2/3 bunch of parsley leaves (bring a total of 1 parsley leaves bunch)

0.5 tsp dried thyme

0.5 tsp dried oregano

4 bay leaves


1 lemon

1/3 bunches parsley leaves (bring a total of 1 parsley leaves bunch)

2 cloves of garlic

Equipment needed:


Cutting board



Wooden spoon

Before you head out on your adventure, make sure all the food fits into your pot. We were lucky on our little micro adventure that there was a cabin available with lots of pots and pans. Check out the video below. If you are out in the forest, a wood fire would be the best to make this in one pot. You can start by frying the non liquid ingredients first on a gas burner, then transfering the pot over to the wood fire. This is a great way to make your food as you will be sitting in front of your camp fire, and making sure your food is regulated to just at boiling point, enjoying the warmth of your camp fire.


First start by frying the meat, browning it on all sides to seal it, in the pot. If the pot is too small, you can cut up the meat and fry that by itself. But do not throw away the bones, as this needs to cook with all the ingredients in the end. Especially the bone marrow that adds an amazing flavour to the stew.

Remove the meat and place to the side and brown some butter. Fry the vegetables for 2 minutes. (Do not add the garlic until the last 15 seconds). All the vegetables can be cut up into small pieces and fried after the meat. Do not clean the bottom of the pan, or change to another pot. Everyhting that sticks to the bottom will boil free and add flavour to the stew. You can also pre cut all the vegetables before heading out on your adventure, so you can just add everything all at once, saving time when preparing outdoor.

After frying the vegetables in browned butter, add all the wet ingredients. (If using a stock cube and water, just add the water and stock cube all at once). Then add the herbs and meat. Mix well. (Do not forget to add the bone to the pot).

After you have mixed eveything evenly, let the stew simmer for 2-3 hours until the meat falls apart when pressing it between your fingers.

Before serving, make the gremulade: Chop up the remaining parsley and grate the lemon zest from one lemon, and the garlic cloves. Mix together and place on top of stew as ganiture when serving.

This will warm you up and give great flavour while out on your adventure!

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