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Pinnekjøtt (smoked lamb ribs) & Mashed Rutebega


Pinnekjøtt (Smoked & salted lamb ribs)

Christmas sausage

Pre boiled potatoes

Mashed rutebega:

500g rutebega

3 tbs butter

50g butter

1/2 dl cream

Salt & pepper to taste

This is a typical Christmas dinner in Norway, and is real easy to make. For an adventure, we are going to have everything ready to cook before we leave. So first we make the mash.

Rutebega mash:

For the Rutebega mash, you just peel the rutebega and carrots, and cut into small pieces. Place in a pot and cover with water and a generous pinch of salt. Boil for 25-30 min until soft.

Mash with butter and cream and ass salt and butter to taste.

When heading out on your adventure, put all ingredients into the pot you are going to bring with you. This way, you know it will all fit, and you just add water at your destination and put over the fire.

Pinnekjøtt: Pinnekjøtt, directly translated, means stick meat and is basically smoked and salted lamb ribs. But that is not where it gets its name from, it comes from the cooking technique.

You place a few birch sticks in boiling water so the lamb laid across these lies above it, and are basically steamed this way. Pinnekjøtt is usually served with mashed rutabaga, potatoes and sausage.

We start by layering the bottom with sticks, then place the meat on top followed by the sausage. Then you just sit back and wait for the meat to steam for around 3 hours, the meat needs to fall easily off the bone.

Make sure you always have water in the bottom, you don't want the sticks to burn.

At the end, you add the potatoes, and rutabaga in a container , just to heat them up.

At the end you can add the pre boiled potatoes to the pot and start heating the rutebega mash. Just before you serve, take some of the water in the bottom of the pot and pour in the mash. Make sure you do this little by little and taste, otherwise it might get too salty.

It is a great meal to eat by the fire, hope you enjoy!

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