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Reindeer Stew


One pack of reindeer (caribou) strips (you can also use any wild game or even lamb)

2 handfuls of wild mushrooms (or champignons)

2 Shallots

2 garlic cloves

6 new potatoes

4 dl (2 cups) crème-fraîche

2 dl (1 cup) of chardonnay or 1 beer or 1 cider

4 slices of brown goats cheese (caramelized goats milk) can be skipped

8 dried juniper berries




Boil the potatoes, and while they are boiling, clean the mushrooms and cut into medium sized pieces. Dice the shallots and garlic into very small pieces, but keep separately.

Brown the butter in the frying pan and fry the musrooms in butter on high heat (salt a little while frying). After the mushrroms have lost a little of their moisture and are slightly soggy, pour them into a small bowl for use later.

Add more butter to the pan and glaze your shallots. Just as they glaze, add your choice of alcohol. Just a dash to cool down the pan, you don't want to start boiling anything yet. Add the meat and sear slightly. (It can still be a little red). Add the garlic, and if you need a little more butter, add it with the garlic. You can now add the crème-fraîche and the bowl of mushrooms you fried earlier. Crush the juniper berries with your knife and add to pan. If you want a more intense taste, cut them up. Add the goats cheese, the rest of the alcohol and the boiled potatoes.

Add pepper and salt to taste and reduce to the desired consistency.

If you are going to reheat this for your adventure, don't reduce the stew, but place in a container or plastic bag. You can freeze it if you are going on an adventure that lasts a few days. Store it in your down jacket or sleeping back so it thaws out slower and keeps cold. Otherwise, keep it in the fridge and take it out also insulated and warm up on a camping stove.

Never warm a stew up with a Primus system, as this will result in the bottom being burned and cold at the top. You need a slow heat to warm up the stew. An alcohol stove works great, or even a camp fire if you pay attention.

Enjoy and as always, have a great adventure!

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