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Moose Wrap


400 g (14 ounces) Moose shavings

1 pomegranate

3 spring onions

1 bag washed ruccula (rocket) optional.

Tortilla wrap


Secret game sauce:

4 dl (2 cups) crème fraîche

100g stirred lingonberries (65g berries, 35g sugar)

2 tbs dried juniper berries

White truffel oil to taste Will serve 3 hungry adventurers!

Make the secret game sauce a few days in advance so the flavours really sink into the sauce. If you can't get hold of pre made stirred lingonberries, just take fresh lingonberries and mix with sugar until all the sugar has dissolved into the berry juices. The trick is to try and crush all the berries when stirring. Crush the dried juniper berries in a mortar or with the back of a spoon, mix all the ingredients together, and add the truffel oil to taste.

Brown the butter (fry until the melted butter gets a slight brown sheen to it) and add the moose shavings and brown the meat. Salt to taste and make your wraps.

Mise en place for your adventure:

  1. Make the secret sauce a few days in advance, and place it in a container that is easy to take with you when outdoor cooking.

  2. If you want you can pre slice the spring onions, take out the pomegranate seeds and place in seperate containers before heading out. But then you have more to bring back with you. So you might want to do this out in the feild. (See video for the easiest way to cut open the pomegranate).

Outdoor cooking equipment:

  1. Frying pan

  2. Spatula

  3. Knife

  4. Cutting board

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