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Gluten Free Pancakes


190g gluten free flour mix (¾ cup)

4.5 dl milk (1.8 cups)

2 eggs

Butter for frying.

Gluten free pancakes are super easy to make, just like normal pancakes. Instead of using normal flour to make these, we have replaced it with a gluten free flour mix.

At home, mix the milk with the flour and mix until smooth, then add the eggs and mix well. Add the mix to your container you will bring out with you and don't forget the butter.

Heat up the pan, and melt just a little butter in the pan. Add batter and tilt frying pan to disperse all batter evenly as thin as possible. As the pancake starts loosen from the pan and move easily, flip it over by pushing the pan forward and up. The pancake should flip over, but of course this takes practice. So if you don't succeed, try try again.

You can add cream, berries, jam, honey or maple sirup to these sweet pancakes. Eating these are a real pleasure around the fire, and of course is an awesome date!

Outdoor cooking equipment:

  1. Frying pan

  2. Spatula

  3. Squeeze bottle or water bottle to dispense batter

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