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Meatballs with norwegian wild sheep

Meatballs are one of the easiest meats to prepare for an adventure, and can be changed to a burger patty if you change your mind.

Location: Lygnstøylvatnet, Norway

  • minced mutton or lamb

  • parsly

  • rosemary

  • garlic

  • shallots

  • chile

  • salt

  • unsalted butter

Mis en place

This meal can be frozen to last longer, so you can eat it on the second or third day of your adventure. Or, if you happen upon a market or local farmer like I did, you can get the ingredients fresh. This recipe can also be used with goat meat.

  1. cut up the herbs into small tiny peices

  2. mix with minced meat

  3. There are two options for the butter. Bring the butter with you to fry the meatballs, or melt the butter and add it to the mix, so you don't need any when frying them.

  4. Make sure you add the salt at a later time, otherwise the meat will go dry.

  5. Roll into the size you want

  6. Store them in a plastic bag or a container. If you want them to last longer on your adventure, place them in the freezer overnight, and pack it deep into your bags with clothes around to keep it cold for longer.


Heat a pan to medium heat and add butter. (If you mixed the butter in the meatballs, place in the pan before heating it up). Fry until the meat until it has a crispy texture. If you suddenly want a burger instead, make a hamburger patty by adding two or three meatballs together. Remember to make it into a donut shape without making a hole so it doesn't become too thick in the middle. To be sure they are ready, slice into the biggest of them and check the meat is cooked through. Salt to taste.

These can also be added to a grill, or on a stick over an open fire. But make sure you don't make the meatballs too small so they fall through the grill. The fire and grill will add a nice smokey flavour to the meat.

Enjoy and happy adventures!

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